Why Skype Cam Customers Should be Wary of Paypal (& Amazon)

All independent Skype cam models get asked about accepting Paypal, and hopefully most of us turn it down. There are a few reasons why it’s dangerous for a cam model to accept Paypal (PP), so if you have any respect for your favorite cam girl, you should understand that you’re putting her at risk by paying that way. But that doesn’t affect you directly, so let’s talk about why PP can be bad for YOU, our playmates. At the end, I’ll also talk about Amazon, which isn’t a great option either.

Consequences Enforced by PayPal

PP is very strictly against being used for adult services. They are thorough about enforcement, and they issue stiff penalties if they catch you. It doesn’t matter whether you are doing a fetish show in which the model never even removes her clothing – Paypal still considers a cam show of any kind to be an adult service. They assume that you’re guilty if they get the tiniest hint of wrongdoing, and they punish one or both parties without much investigation or many options to appeal. Consequences can include seizing all the funds in your PP account, a lifetime ban on the use of PP (which is based on your identity, not your email address), and fines to the tune of $500.

Other Very Good Reasons That You Should Reconsider Paying for Skype Sex Shows with PayPal

1) Scam Girls – you may not be talking to the model you think you are. Yes, scam girls exist, and we don’t like them any more than you do. If you think you’re talking to an established, business-savvy Skype model, but she agrees to accept PayPal, please be wary. Are you talking to a copycat Skype account? Is is possible that a model’s official Skype account has been hacked?

Models that process payments through a reputable listing site or have their own adult-friendly processor (CCBill or Zombaio) are almost always legit. Those funds are going to the model, so a copycat or Skype hacker wouldn’t receive your money. Scammers love PP because it’s an easy way to get your money and run before you realize that you’re not getting a Skype show.

Side Note: Listing sites like LiveCamModelShows and CamModelDirectory verify that each model matches her photos and profile. Please save “Preview, bb?” for cam girls that accept PP, since they are much more likely to be someone other than who they say they are!

2) The model accepts Paypal because she’s inexperienced and doesn’t know any better. Don’t get me wrong – there are definitely talented, established models that don’t know about the dangers of PP. There are also brand new models that can give you an amazing Skype show. However, if a model isn’t aware of this issue, there’s a good chance that she’s new to modeling, which is slightly riskier for you in terms of quality. Especially if you’re into kink or fetish, you may want to double check that the model has experience with your interests.

3) She knows about PayPal, but doesn’t care because she’s prepared to quit camming any day. If a Skype model is ignoring the dangers of PP, it may mean that she wants to get as much quick money as possible, and will just quit camming when she gets caught. This isn’t universally true, because some models will use PP as long as possible and then switch to another payment method. There are also short-term cam girls that can do an excellent Skype show; however, those models don’t have to worry about their long-term reputations.

A model that’s planning to stick around should be interested in developing relationships and cultivating regulars. All of us have bad days, but a she’s probably doing her best to give you a great show. A model that accepts PP may be less concerned with bad ratings and more likely to disappear on you randomly. Especially if you like ongoing GFE, or just enjoy a regular playmate that knows you and your fantasies, be cautious.

4) The model has heard “Paypal, bb?” one too many times and is about to make an example of you. Have I mentioned that Skype cam models get requests for PP a LOT? Many of us (myself included) have disclaimers on our profiles saying that we don’t accept PP, which makes it especially irritating. It’s possible that you could ask the wrong model at the wrong moment, and she might decide to expend all that irritation on you.

All it really takes is a quick “Sure, I’ll take PP, and my email is…” She wouldn’t have a PP account attached to that email, so PP has no idea who she is. However, you just used your PP account to pay her, so obviously they know who you are. Guess who PP is going to punish when the smoke clears? Plus, you aren’t going to get your Skype show, and you could very well end up on a top-secret cam girl blacklist. Realistically, this is a pretty unlikely scenario, but it has happened. I want you to have that in the back of your mind if you approach a Skype cam model with “Paypal, bb?” Are you the 213th guy to say that this week? Is her limit 212?

The Problem with Amazon…

There are a lot more cam girls that will accept some form of Amazon as payment. Amazon is slightly less troubling, but still not good. They really aren’t happy that a lot of gift cards and wishlist items are being purchased in exchange for adult services. They have shut down the accounts of some known cam girls without giving warning or the opportunity to spend remaining gift card balances. They aren’t as rigorous with enforcement as PP (yet), but that could change any time. Losing PP is survivable, but NO ONE wants to be permanently banned from Amazon, so I personally wouldn’t recommend that cam girls or customers risk it.

A Few Other Considerations With Amazon:

  • If you buy a physical gift for the model in exchange for a Skype show, and she knows what she’s doing, she will not do the show until she has the item in her hands. In other words, you could be waiting a while.
  • Amazon, so far, is very unlikely to allow you a refund on a gift card. If you happen to be dealing with a scammer, you probably won’t get your money back. In fact, I would suspect that scam girls love Amazon even more than PP for that very reason. So again, you should be cautious if a cam girl wants to be paid via Amazon. Quite a few legit models accept it, but it’s worth keeping in mind.
  • If you intend to pay a Skype model with an Amazon gift card, you should buy it from the Amazon site that corresponds to her country – for an American model, you need to buy from Amazon.com; for a Canadian model, you have to buy from Amazon.ca; etc. It’s troublesome because Amazon will insistently send you back to your own country’s site. If you screw up and do it wrong, getting the card changed to the right country or getting a refund is a pain in the ass, if not impossible. Assuming the model catches your mistake, she probably won’t do a Skype show until it’s corrected. You will probably have to buy another gift card from the correct country. The whole process will take a toll on your boner.