Skype Cam Shows – The Basics & Etiquette

This post is for those that have never had a Skype show with a webcam model, or for those that just want to brush up on how it works. If you’re used to playing with models on large cam sites, the protocol for having a show on Skype (or similar platforms) can be a bit confusing. Don’t worry, it’s not as complicated as it sounds.

Disclaimer: I’m trying to be generic, but some models may have different preferences. Secondly, if you don’t know how Skype works as a program, I’m not going to explain that. There are plenty of resources on the internet, so go ahead and Google it.

FAQ – Do you (the customer) have to turn on your mic or cam? This is a very common question among new Skype playmates, so… No, you don’t have to go on cam, and I’m not offended if you don’t! If you want to hide your cam, that’s fine. If you want to mute your audio, that’s also fine, as long as you realize that you’ll have to type to me, and that limits your hand action elsewhere.

Skype Shows – Step by Step

1) Find a Model – There are a few ways to find a model that offers Skype shows:

  • If you have a favorite model on a cam site, Google her and check out her social networking profiles or website. If the model offers Skype shows, she probably advertises it.
  • You can browse for a model on an independent listing site such as LiveCamModelShows or CamModelDirectory.
  • You may see a model recommended by another model you know.

2) Contact the Model – Once you’ve found a model you like, do NOT pay for a show immediately. You need to get in contact with her first. Most models use Skype to communicate with potential playmates, and some listing sites also have a contact form to get in touch with the model. Go ahead and send her a message. If she doesn’t get back to you right away, don’t panic, and be polite. She may be offline (which is usually indicated somewhere), or she might be with another playmate. Note about Skype: If you send a message but no contact request, we can’t message you back. The contact request is important.

3) Discuss the Booking – Before purchasing a show, there are a few things you need to discuss.

  • Chat briefly about what you want to do. This isn’t the time for a full erotic novel! The goal is to confirm that she has the right toys, equipment, clothing, etc.  and is willing and able to fulfill your fantasy. Etiquette: Don’t ask a million leading questions about what she’ll do in the show. Tell her the parts that matter to you, and let her surprise you with the rest. If you’re trying to determine if she’ll give you the “right” surprises, clearly you have additional preferences about your fantasy, so just tell her what you want! (Even if you’re trying to subtly figure out whether she’s cool with your taboo desires, we’ve heard it all before – don’t make her spend 20 minutes trying to decipher the hints you’re dropping.)
  • You also need to discuss how long you want to spend in the show. With Skype shows, you pay for a block of time upfront, so it may be different than the cam shows you’ve done before. Try to accurately guess how long you’ll need, and be realistic. Most models will allow you to “top up” if you run out of time, but that requires a pause in the action. If you overestimate, some models will allow you to “roll over” the remaining minutes or funds, but many models don’t.
  • Confirm the payment details. After sorting out the show length and content, the model may remind you of the total amount and the payment link. Etiquette: The model’s rates should have been posted, so hopefully you aren’t shocked by the total. If it’s higher than you realized, please politely excuse yourself from doing the show. Don’t just disappear without a word!

4) Make the Payment. – Please do NOT suggest alternate amounts or forms of payment, especially Paypal. These things are not negotiable, and that is a guaranteed way to piss the model off. There are very good reasons that many payment methods aren’t acceptable – many aren’t safe or reliable for the model, and some (Paypal) can be harmful to you, too. For more info about why Paypal is a bad idea, please read here.

5) Hold Your Horses… er… Cock – Once you make the payment, it must be processed, and then the model will receive a receipt of some kind. It typically only takes a couple minutes, but the show can’t start until she gets the receipt. Also, if you requested a special outfit or anything like that, she probably has to get dressed. On the other hand, she may have other customers waiting for her to finish your show, so be ready to go when she is.

6) Start the Session, and Enjoy! – Usually the model will start the video call to you – unless she tells you otherwise, you shouldn’t call her. The clock starts running when you answer the call. It’s the model’s responsibility to keep track of time, but you may want to pay a little bit of attention, too, lest you get caught with your pants down when time’s up. Most importantly, enjoy your time together!

7) End the Session on a Good Note – Models have different ways of ending a show. Some will give you a 2 or 3 minute warning, others will not. Some models will take an extra minute to say goodnight, while others end the call as soon as time runs out. In any case, the action stops when your time is up. If you want to leave the session before you run out of time, that’s perfectly fine. If you want to extend the session, you’ll need to make another payment, but always check first in case the model has other obligations and can’t continue. Otherwise, politely accept that the session is over when the time is up. If you had a great time, let her know! If you’d like to leave a review, ask if there’s someplace you can do that.

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