A Dozen Reasons to Love Skype Shows

There are a lot of reasons that models love Skype shows, but I want to focus on why they’re awesome for our playmates. If you you know nothing at all about how Skype sex bookings work, this will probably be confusing to you, so please take a quick peek at LINK SKYPE BASICS.

I’m going to be comparing Skype sex to cam sex on major network sites – where the models stream their shows directly through the site interface, and you pay per minute. There are services that are similar to Skype (Discord, Google Hangouts, Wire, etc.) that are pretty much interchangeable in this article, but Skype is the most commonly used.

  1. Better Rates – Personally, I don’t feel that this is the primary benefit, but it’s probably the most obvious, so it can go at the top of the list. A model who is taking bookings on Skype has MUCH lower expenses in terms of the cut taken by the site, so she can pass those savings on to you.
  2. Better Video/Audio Quality for You – Network sites vary widely in the streaming resolutions they support, but the resolution you get on Skype (and similar programs) is comparable to the highest quality cam sites. Furthermore, a Skype call usually occupies your entire screen, whereas most cam sites don’t allow you to expand the video to that size. Skype also requires a lot less CPU than many major cam sites, so the video is less likely to get fucked up if the model’s computer specs aren’t super amazing. NOTE: The call quality you experience is dependent on the model’s equipment, computer, and internet speed PLUS your internet speed and your device’s processing abilities. If you have shitty internet, the call quality may not be great, and there’s nothing the model can do to improve it. Additionally, if the Skype servers are fucking up, there’s nothing either of you can do to fix that.
  3. Better Video/Audio Quality for the Model – This one might sound unimportant, but I know that a lot of you LOVE cam2cam. A few cam sites don’t offer C2C at all, and on the rest, we aren’t seeing you in your full glory. On the models’ end, the window where we see your cam is incredibly tiny – a yellow sticky note would be more than adequate to cover it completely. I love watching you cum, but when it’s that tiny, it’s basically impossible. Additionally, C2C on most network sites has really shitty audio. Most of the time we can’t hear you at all, and when we can, there’s often a terrible delay or tons of feedback. On Skype, we see you in a full sized window, and the sound is typically good. If you want to be seen and/or heard, Skype bookings are absolutely the better choice. Tip: If you want to be seen well, turn on some lights!
  4. Cam2Cam, Or Not, Your Choice – Some guys are exhibitionists, some are shy, some don’t have a cam at all, and some just love the ability to speak to the model while using their hands for more important things than typing. Skype can accommodate all of the above. If you want to be seen and heard, go for it! If you don’t, there’s the option to hide your cam and/or your audio.
  5. Fewer Glitches – Depending how much time you’ve spent on network sites, you’ve probably noticed that there are glitches all the time. I can’t begin to enumerate them all, but the most annoying is probably when either you or the model gets randomly kicked off the site while you’re at a critical moment in private. Is Skype glitch-free? Hell no! But it’s much more reliable, and it’s generally a lot easier to resume the call quickly if something goes awry.
  6. Truly Exclusive Experience – You may not have noticed, but on the network sites, models usually have a lot going on. Even if you take a model into a “true private” or “exclusive” session, she may be broadcasting on other sites as well, so she has to turn those off. On some sites, we can still see messages from other people, asking questions or wanting to know how much longer we’ll be. Plus, we constantly have to be vigilant for the moment that you leave because we only get a few seconds before we’re automatically thrown back into free chat. In a Skype session, we don’t have any of those distractions, so we can just relax and focus on your fantasy.
  7. Fewer Restrictions on Sexy Activities – Sometimes network sites have rules against things that are legal and fun. For example, there are very few models that will do truly taboo activities on Skype or anywhere else. However, things like step-relative roleplay, puppy play, or adult baby play all fall into a grey area that’s generally prohibited by cam sites, but may be a bit more welcome on Skype. NOTE: Independent Skype models still have rules set by their payment processors, local obscenity laws, and their personal boundaries. It’s NEVER alright to push a model to do something outside her limits, regardless of whether she’s on a network site or on Skype.
  8. Not Recorded for Promotion – When you visit a model on a network site, you may never think about the show being recorded, but you can bet that she does. Generally, everything we broadcast gets recorded, and any of it can be used to promote the site without notifying us at all. It means that most of us are a bit more reserved on the network sites. It makes it hard to say yes to certain fetishes that are harmless but “gross.” Murphy’s Law would guarantee that the one time we do those fetishes on a network site, the footage will end up in an ad on the sidebar of some porn tube site.
  9. Ability to Make Appointments – This one differs from model to model (I don’t currently offer appointments), but models are much more likely to make an appointment for a Skype booking, especially if it’s paid in advance.
  10. No Need to Rush to Finish or Tone Down the Sexy – On a network site, a lot of customers are trying to cum as soon as possible to avoid overspending (I get it, rates on those sites can be really high). Minute men are taxing for models (have you ever seen a woman cum in under a minute?), so models will often slow down and dial it back to keep the customer from cumming and leaving too quickly. In a Skype booking, there’s a preset amount of play time, so the model doesn’t need to tone it down at all. If she’s amazing, and you cum in 2 minutes, no problem! You can use the rest of the time to chat, go for round two, or whatever the hell you please.
  11. Request Friendly – On a network site, models get requests all the time in free chat – Can you put on nude stockings? Wait, no, black stockings? Can I see your entire toy collection? Could you move the cam to the floor for an upskirt shot? Can you dress up like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle before we go private? It’s very hard to take these endless requests seriously, since we have no idea if the guy will go private with us, or whether he’ll only stay for two minutes (after we’ve spent 10 minutes struggling into a TMNT costume). On the other hand, once you’ve set up a Skype booking and I know how long we’re going to play, I’m a lot more amenable to changing clothes or grabbing supplies before we start. I can also customize the camera angle for you, because I have time after our session to put my cam back where it normally goes. Note: Some models might feel differently, and often there’s a minimum show length for things involving set up. Shows that require extensive set up or clean up may cost extra.
  12. Mobile Friendly – While many network sites are working on their mobile platform, most of them range from non-existent to non-functional to unwieldy. Even when they improve, watching on a mobile device will still require a screen cluttered with buttons – the exit button, the tip button, etc. For most sites, communicating with the model will still involve typing in a chat box, which obscures part of the screen with your pop-up keyboard and is not easy to do with one hand occupied! Skype, on the other hand, works beautifully on mobile – the picture occupies the full screen and the buttons hide until you need them.

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